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This Weekend at Brooky

Welp, it's certainly not as hot as last week...however it's certainly not cool. You know who is cool? Only Doubles and No Manches. ODB is stopping by on Friday and is rolling out a new elote burger. Yes, you read that right and No Manches is swinging by on Saturday to sling the tastiest Peruvian & Mexican cuisine around. ALSO. Did it for the Brooky; a local beer collaboration with Ankrolab Brewing is hitting the coolers today. It's packed full of Nectaron, Citra, Amarillo & HBC 586 hops delivering a juicy combination of floral, peach & citrus notes without punching you in the tongue with bitterness. It's a tasty treat that pairs perfect with a burger, or with breathing. Beers on Draft this Week: Did it for the Brooky - Ankrolab Brewing - Hazy IPA 5.25% ABV Lunch - Maine Beer Co. - IPA 7% ABV Iguana Bait - Florida Keys Brewing - Kolsch 5.2% ABV Florida Seltzer - Untitled Art - Blackberry Agave Seltzer 5% Hitting the Coolers: Beach Brains - KCBC - Double IPA 8.5% ABV Guava Pastelito - Guava Milkshake IPA 7.5% ABV Even Fresher Feet & Still no Chicken - Milkshake Double IPA 9% ABV Caballo Blanco - Cervecera Hercules Summer Ale 5.2% ABV Six Toes - King State - Key Lime Vanilla Sour N/A Upcoming Events: Tour De Taverns Charity Poker Run Bike Ride 11AM - 4PM Sat. August 5th (Sign up here) Food: No Manches Music: Kirk McFee Big Cypress German Shepard Rescue Fundraiser 5-8PM Sat. August 12th Food: Addison's on the Go Maker's Market & National Prosecco day 11AM - 2PM Sun. August 13th Food: Crepes R Us Vendors: Flora & Fauna

Go with the Dough Jewelry to the Skye Heidi & Hope Pet Services The Alchemist Kava Bar Mark's Daughter Co. Night Bloom Vintage Tiny Taps Mobile Bar We'll see ya at Brooky!

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