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New Beers 2/2/23

Untitled Art - American Gold

An All-American classic golden lager - crisp, easy-drinking and, of course, full-flavored and alcohol-free!

King State - The Original Green Light

This German-style light pilsner is based off our flagship Green Dart. We dumped out some of the carbs and some of the alcohol, but kept all of the taste

Carton Brewing Company - Built Straight out of Scratch

Citra, Galaxy, and Cascade Hops; Kolsch Yeast

Vitamin Sea Brewing - Blueberry Pancake

Our continued exploration into the sour pipe series. This time fruited with Blueberry and Maple

Tripping Animals - Does a Bear Drink in the Woods?

A question as old as the style, a traditional Vienna Lager for those driven by their curiosity. Whether you're a bear in the woods, or just a Human on a hike searching for answers, drinking this is drinking liquid gold. Crisp, clean, and as refreshing as the great outdoors.

Suncreek Brewing - Strawberry Blonde

A blonde ale made mostly from Golden Promise Malt and treated with wild strawberry puree and Belma hops. Our tribute to "Saffron" (aka Mrs. Reynolds) from the Firefly series.

Arkane Brewing - Warmer Climates

Passionfruit mango sour with pistachio, ginger and lactose

Finback Brewing - No Bake

New York style Cheesecake inspired Sour Ale with cherries, vanilla, and lactose. Collab with Finback

Energy City - Chocolate & Coconut Macaroon

Imperial pastry stout brewed with chocolate, coconut and milk sugar.

Wop's Hops - Paradiso Coconut Ale

Florida- American Blonde Ale- 5.4% ABV. An approachable, malt oriented American beer that is well balanced and great for easy drinking. This blonde ale is loaded with fresh toasted coconut that makes your taste buds think they're on a tropical island.

Tripping Animals - Shergar

Our first ever Irish Stout, classic and true to the style.

Finback - I see you

DIPA with cantaloupe, dry-hopped with Mosaic, Belma and Hallertau Blanc. Melons and hops and melons and hops!

Arkane Brewing - Elephant Ear

Cinnamon and sugar covered funnel cake. One sip takes you back to the circus. Two sips makes you the new bearded lady. Drink a 4-pack and you could be the next Strong Man!

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